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Boulders Bush Lodge

Boulders Bush Lodge

Wherever you are in the Kruger National Park, you need to be aware that there are wild animals close by. With this in mind, you will never be caught off guard and as such, find yourself in a rather prickly situation. Even when in the busiest of rest camps, there is always a chance that animals walk in, especially at night.

Although it is very rare for larger, more dangerous animals to enter the camp, it is best to always be alert.While the wild animals might seem like the biggest worry, many guests inthe park fail to see the almost invisible creatures as much of a threat. Certain insects and reptiles should actually be a far bigger worry than they are. Snakes, spiders and scorpions, whether poisonous or not, can leave an inflamed and painful bite.

Unlike the animals which can be stopped from entering the camp, or herdedout once they get in, the insects and reptiles are not so easily shown the door. So you need to be aware that they could be around and always wear shoes when walking around the camp.

The insects and animals are one thing, malaria is another! The Kruger, and this rest camp inparticular,is situated well within a malaria area, and you don’t want to catch this unpleasant illness. Malaria is more than justanother unpleasant illness, it can be fatal if left untreated.

Spread by mosquitoes, the best way to avoid getting sick is to firstly repel the bug by using an insect repellent while in the park, and by using a mosquito net while sleeping.

Not all mosquito bites leave a mark. You can start feeling ill without noticing a bite. When visiting the park, make sure you have taken the right measures and the right preventative medication.

The Kruger’s climate might well be unlike anything you have ever experienced. The summers are exceptionally hot and while there is the occasional shower of rain or a thunderstorm, the heat never really retreats. Instead, humidity is the norm so having a swimming pool close by plus air-conditionedaccommodation are a must!

The summer months are generally the rainy months while winters are cool and dry, but never often without that hot, African sunshine.


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