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Boulders Bush Lodge

Kruger National Park.
from R760
per night
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Boulders Bush Lodge

Kruger National Park.
from R760per night
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A Guide to Boulders Bush Lodge


Beautiful Boulders Bush Lodge is built within a rock formation which has become the memorable back drop for this stunning exclusive accommodation. The units are built up on stilts, which gives guests the perfect vantage point from which to look at the wildlife roaming far below. The lodge also has a number of viewing decks. Unlike other camps, Boulders has no fencing, which is why the rooms are up out of reach of animals.

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Guests wanting to stay at Boulders will need to book in at the reception area at Mopani Rest Camp. The lodge has limited electricity, no shops or restaurants, no reception area and no cellphone reception.

Boulders Bush Lodge is around 55km away from Phalaborwa Gate and it can take more than 2 hours to drive from the gate to the lodge.

About Boulders Bush Lodge

Boulders Bush Lodge provides guests with a uniquely Kruger experience. It is a place open to wildlife, with guests able to look out of the sleeping unit at the animals below. This is what makes Boulders Bush Lodge so special. Each of the sleeping units are connected by a number of wooden walkways. Although the units are all connected, they maintain their atmosphere of privacy and tranquillity.

The lodge is also really small, with only 12 guests accommodated at a time. The entire experience while staying at the lodge is kept private as there are no day guest facilities. The lodge doesn’t have a shop or a restaurant, but the accommodation does make way for self-catering, by having a full kitchen as well as a comfortable dining area. Guests should stock up on supplies at Mopani before travelling to Boulders.

Boulders Bush Lodge is one of the Kruger’s most exclusive places to stay. The lodge makes for an ideal romantic retreat.

Camp Accommodation

In essence, Boulders Bush Lodge consists of 12 sleeping units, each of which is connected to a communal area. The lodge is designed to give guests a truly tranquil escape from the world, while staying in one of South Africa’s busiest and most popular game parks. Only residents are allowed into the lodge area, and the bush lodge needs to be reserved en bloc. Sleeping units

Each of the bedrooms have their own en-suite bathroom, some with a bath and others with a shower. The sleeping units have solar power, but this power is only provided to the fans and lights. The main sleeping unit has 2 bedrooms, each with their own en-suite. There are an additional 4 bungalows with en-suite bathrooms.

Living Area

The living area has everything needed to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The kitchen is fully equipped and there is also a lounge, bar, dining room, braai area and viewing deck. The kitchen is powered by gas and it has a stove with an oven, a freezer, a refrigerator, crockery and cutlery.

Guests should take note that the lodge is managed from Mopani Rest Camp and has no reception area of its own.

Other Helpful Camp Information

When staying anywhere in the Kruger National Park, or while planning your holiday, you should keep these helpful tips and bits of information in mind.

The Kruger is a habitat conserved for wildlife and the animals are not deterred by the camp boundaries. While most camps are secure, there are places such as Boulders, where animals can enter and it is very important that guests leave the animals alone. Should dangerous animals get too close, park officials will safely usher them out. Guests should never approach wild animals regardless of where they encounter them. Do not feed or touch the animals, you’ll end up doing more harm than good.

Animals in camps can be easily seen and avoided. The same cannot be said about insects and reptiles. There are all kinds of snakes, spiders and scorpions living throughout the park, and they often make their homes within the camps. Not all are poisonous but most will give a painful bite if threatened or accidently stepped on. Make sure that you wear a pair of shoes when walking anywhere in the park, and at night carry a torch with you to light your way.

Animals and spiders aside, malaria is the next thing to be aware of. The Kruger National Park is situated deep within a malaria area and summer times in particular leave guests vulnerable to infection. Malaria is carried by mosquitos and anyone visiting the area can be bitten and infected by this very unpleasant sickness. Using insect repellent and sleeping under a mosquito net are a great way to prevent infection, but using preventative medication, prescribed by your doctor, is the best way to avoid sickness.

The final important bit of information to keep in mind when planning a Kruger Park trip is the temperature. Summers are intensely hot and humid while winters are warm with cool nights and mornings. The Kruger is in a summer rainfall region, and often roads become flooded during this time of the year. Guests will find that booking between March and September are the best times to stay in the park. During these months the days are warm and dry, but packing a warm jacket will make your stay more comfortable.

Boulders Bush Lodge Gate Times

The Kruger Park gate times are kept uniform throughout the park and change according to the season. When planning your Kruger Park holiday, be sure to take note of the gate times, as you don’t want to risk getting locked out.

Boulders doesn’t have a gate, with it being an open lodge, but it operates according to Mopani Camp times (i.e. if you need something from reception, these are the times to follow)

  • January to March: Camp gates open at 04:30 am and close at 06:30 pm
  • April to September: Camp gates open at 06:00 am and close at 06:00 pm
  • October: Camp gates open at 05:30 am and close at 06:00 pm
  • November to December: Camp gates open at 04:30 am and close at 06:30 pm
Leaving the camp before the sun has risen, and again in the afternoon before the sunsets will prove to be the best game viewing hours. During these times of the day, the temperature is cool enough to encourage animals to come out of the shade to eat and drink, which means you have the best opportunity to see all kinds of wildlife

Camp Flora and Fauna

The lodge is surrounded by open mopane veld, giving guests ample viewing opportunities.

Guests staying at Boulders Bush Lodge can expect to see buffalo, zebra, giraffe, and all kinds of antelope while driving in the area. Giant eagle owls are also often spotted.

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